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We just love that colour on you
We just love that colour on you
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I thought it would be fun to talk about our skin; what type it tends toward (dry, oily, combination), what concerns us about it (acne, uneven tone, large pores), and how we address those concerns in our makeup and skincare routines. We might get some good advice from each other!


My skin is very pale, pink, and freckled. It's also very dry. And either it's becoming more dry as I age or I severely underestimated how parched it is for years. It is so dry! It soaks up the heaviest products and begs for more.

During puberty and beyond (please use Buzz Lightyear voice for desired effect), I used a lot of really harsh salicylic acid acne cleansers because, while I never had a lot of pimples, I have always been extremely self-conscious about the blackheads on my nose. I'm going to blame this complex on the mean kid who asked me about the "hairs" growing off my nose in 4th grade. Around age 12 or so, I noticed my skin flaking and started using gritty exfoliants to slough it off, not realizing my skin was DRY and I was not doing it any favors. I wanted my skin tight and smooth when I was done cleansing; I didn't know any better.

Until a couple years ago I still experimented with exfoliants and cleansers to get my skin SMOOTH and PORELESS, but my face was always red and irritated with tons of broken capillaries on my cheeks (I suspect I have mild rosacea). It slowly dawned on me that I was being way too tough on my skin by stripping it and never giving it enough moisture. I'm still experimenting, but I've simplified a lot - a gentle cleanser with a face cloth or my Clarisonic for "delicate" skin and a good moisturizer. I still have redness and I'm pink in general, but my skin is so much happier and I can get away without much coverage in my makeup.

I still have lots of tiny white clogged pores on my chin which I'm convinced are permanent, blackheads that won't quit, and strange small colorless bumps all over my forehead and cheeks. If anyone has advice for those issues, LEMME KNOW.

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