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My birthday is tomorrow and I just found out my husband is taking me to Sephora for my present!!! I'm thinking maybe he'll spend $100 on me. So now I don't know what to get!!!! I have a ton of Urban Decay eyeliner, Naked 2, Glinda, Ammo, and their eye primer. I have Smashbox BB cream. What am I missing?

I have very sparse eyebrows from teenage plucking and they won't grow back properly—any amazing eyebrow fillers out there?

Anything else you recommend? I feel like I'm gonna be a kid in a candy shop that just can't pick anything!!! I'm actually scared!!!


My haul:

The top row is travel size—the two in the middle are my birthday gift thingy from Sephora.

The NARS color is Cruella. I love these pencils. I need more.

Sephora is the best place to go on your birthday because they treat you like a princess and tell you you look pretty after you try on makeup!

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