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We just love that colour on you
We just love that colour on you
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Welcome (and guidelines)!

Welcome to Makeup Etcetera, kinja subblog for all things makeup, nail varnish, hairstyling and so on. If you'd like to post, just comment and I'll set that up.

Proposed rules and guidelines so far:

1. When posting pics of your made up face/nails, include a product list when possible.


2. Only post criticism that's constructive, and only on posts where people have indicated that they want that.

3. Keep comments (even positive comments) on pics focused on makeup/hairstyling etc., rather than on people's attractiveness/innate physical features.


4. Try to bear in mind that makeup plays very differently on different skin tones and that a lot of what's marketed as "one tone fits all" or "a range of shades" is actually designed only for white people.

5. Try to keep comments in a general spirit of non-judgementalness of others' bodies and style.


6. Try to bear in mind inclusivity of makeuppers on lower budgets.

7. Don't download or repost elsewhere anyone's photos. (However, there's no way we can enforce this, so be aware of that when posting.)


8. Ask the author before sharing a post elsewhere on Kinja or linking it to it anywhere else. (However, there's no way we can enforce this, so be aware of that when posting. It's somewhere in Kinja's rules that Gawker Media can repost anything anywhere anytime it wants. This guideline is just a request.)

9. Don't doxx anyone.

10. Use content notes for spoilers, content unsafe for work, and traumatic subjects. I can't see there being much discussion of either ("eyeshadow look inspired by the makeup Joan on Mad Men was wearing when she committed all those murders"?), but if there is, content note it.


11. Follow all relevant forums' rules on posts crossposted from Makeup Etcetera to other forums. Posts from other forums that are crossposted here don't need to follow all our specific guidelines though (for example #3).

12. Self-promotion of, for example, personal beauty blogs is great as part of a post with other content (for example a copy of your blogpost with a link to your blog), but posts that are purely self-promotion without other content should be limited to maximum one per week.


These aren't set in stone, so if you have thoughts for more guidelines or changes to these, go ahead.

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