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We just love that colour on you
We just love that colour on you
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Watercolor Lip Gloss from Bite Beauty

If you are like me, you immediately wanted to own the Bite Beauty Watercolor Lip Gloss Library the moment you saw it, because holy cow it sure is pretty to look at!

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I have made the mistake so many times in the past of buying an eyeshadow palette because the colors just looked so pretty, even though they would not actually look good on me. I couldn’t pay $49 for this lip gloss set when I would probably only use half of them regularly (or, as regularly as I can use any lip color when I have far too many to choose from!).

I love the quality of Bite Beauty products, but they often tend toward colors a little outside my comfort zone. I have some deluxe-sized pencils that came in Sephora Favorite sets that I adore though (Meritage in particular, I’ll probably buy that one in full size someday), and when I splurged on the Deconstructed Rose Lip Library last year it was totally worth it as every one of the colors was extremely wearable.


But I just saw this is on sale now for $24!!! That I can completely justify. (Plus I added on this nail polish for $5. They have a lot of polish on sale right now, I picked up a few others recently as well.)

P.S. You can get 8% cash back with ebates (<—shameless referral link) at Sephora right now, so I basically got the gloss set for $22!

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