I don't know how long I've had posting privileges here but I'm psyched! This is SORT OF makeup related (I guess it is etcetera) - more in the general "beauty" category. Does anyone have any home remedies or regimens they just love? I love a home remedy because 1) it saves money and 2) it scratches my creative itch and 3) I can delude myself into believing I am some sort of goddess of "natural" things. One of those organic people, you know.

My personal favorites are:

  • Aspirin paste for zits. Now, I don't think it actually removes them like some internet voodoo priestesses like to claim, but I have found that when I do an aspiring paste on a zit, it stops hurting, and dries out a little (which at least helps it to be covered by makeup).
  • Vinegar as hair conditioner*. My hair feels amazing when I do this - I just hate the smell of vinegar so I always have to kind of man up. If you're not as sensitive to smells as me, try it out!
  • Olive oil hair*. Heated a little olive oil to be lukewarm, soaked my hair in it, wore a shower cap to bed. Shampoo out in the morning - smooth hair for days.
  • Avocado for treating any sort of skin irritation - including sunburns. Also great as just a moisturizer.

*Full disclosure: I have white people hair.

Got any magical secrets?