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We just love that colour on you
We just love that colour on you
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Clear lip liners to prevent lipstick feathering

My clear wax lip liner from The Body Shop is almost finished so I thought I’d make a post about the different brand ones I know. I’m hoping others will know of better brands and share the knowledge. ^^

The one I’ve been using for almost a year now is the one from The Body Shop. It’s retractable which is nice because no sharpening. It applies really well too, no waxy residue. The con is that it’s a thin liner and you can’t see once it’s on. So if you apply to your lip line and then try a Kardashian plump lip style, it feathers. Price: 11.50$


I saw one by Milani that I wanted to buy but somehow never ended up buying. So I can’t say how good or bad it is. The good thing is that it’s cheap (~5$).


I bought the Elf lip lock pencil as a replacement for the Body Shop one. I haven’t used it yet so I don’t know if it’s good. It’s also cheap (3$) and Elf generally has good stuff, so I’m hopeful.
As a side note, when you buy stuff from the Elf site, they sell your info to a company called Valuemags which subscribes you to random magazines.


The last one I know of is the Urban Decay one. I have not used this but people have said that it’s really good. Price: 16$


ETA: This is lipstick feathering (the before version):

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