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We just love that colour on you
We just love that colour on you
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Chocolate Bon Bons

Crap. I just gave in and bought the Too Faced Chocolate Bon Bons palette.

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I really liked the original Chocolate Bar palette, but passed on the Semi-Sweet palette after reading mixed reviews on the pigmentation. The swatches for the Bon Bons palette though all look really good. And it looks like a good collection of colors for me personally, with mostly neutral shades but a few more interesting colors thrown in to play with.

The problem is that I’ve pretty much not been wearing eye shadow for the last many, many months. I love playing with eye shadow but I also love sleeping and eye shadow takes the longest to apply for me in my morning routine. So I basically just dropped it. Honestly the biggest benefit of not wearing eye shadow for so long has been how much easier it has been to pass on all the beautiful palettes released... until now.


But I saved $10 with Shopkick and apparently ebates was 10% cash back today, which I didn’t even notice until I got an email about getting almost $5 back. So that was a nice bonus! I just hope I use this enough to justify it even with almost $15 off.

Does anyone have this palette already? I’ll be spending a lot of time until it arrives trying to hunt down looks people made with it...

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